Thursday, August 29, 2013

#35 A Healthy Lifestyle Is A Goal In Itself

Welcome to the Cleanse & Fitness home remedy detox program #35 :-)

You can also join me on Instagram. I'm under flamencex.

Always drink plenty of water (if you can't drink a gallon a day, then stay hydrated to avoid being thirsty - remember, when you become thirsty, that means you're not drinking enough water).

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1) My day begins:
On an empty, drink this liver detoxifier in order to jump start your metabolism & PH balancer. The taste isn't bad at all. I'm already used to it. This mixture not only starts to get out all the yuckies you've put your body thru, but it alkalizes your ph level (first thing in the morning when you wake up on an empty stomach).
One cup of filtered water
One tsp of baking soda (bicarbonate)
One or 1/2 organic lemon
One tsp of organic molasses
One or two sprinkles of cayenne pepper powder
Two tsp of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

2) My 40 to 45 minute fast walk on an empty stomach or do yoga on empty stomach (either one has to be done low impact. why? Because after 20/25 minutes your body will start using your fat deposits as a source of fuel (this on an empty stomach walk/yoga must be low impact, otherwise if you do a high impacted work out with no food in our stomach, your body will start eating your muscle's glycongen to convert to energy. but with a low impact fast walk or doing yoga, your body will bite into your fat to use as energy, & that's what you want. I repeat, either fast walk or yoga (low impact) for 40 to 45 minutes on an empty stomach first thing in the morning after you've drunk your liver detoxifier. 
Also remember that this low impact exercise on an empty stomach has nothing to do with your intense workout of the day in which you definitely need something in your stomach for that like a banana or a protein mix/shake (you should never replace this morning on an empty stomach low impact fast walk or yoga low routine with your actual workout of thr day. Unless it's your resting from workout day, don't cheat youtself).

Today i walked this trail this early morning. Pleasant :-)
3) Breakfast -
My breakfast as usual was yummy. Had organic gluten-free bowl of oatmeal with the ultimate green drink.
My oatmeal had:
Gluten-free oatmeal (i first poured hot water over the oatmeal to soften it up. today i won't eat it as a cold cereal like i usually do). Then i added to the oatmeal:
Goji Berries
Almond Milk
It was so good. Also, i sometimes add a scoop of vanilla protein powder.

Breakfast continues - 
This green drink i had alongside my oatmeal breakfast had all organic:
Green Apple
One tsp of spirulina
One tsp of freeze dried wheat grass
Filtered Water
Almond Milk (you may use coconut milk)
(you may add a scoop of vanilla protein powder. this time, i didn't add protein powder).
This green drink is fortified with plantbased protein, chlorophyll, vitamins, trace minerals, & balances your ph level manking easy for your body & liver expell all the yuckies that prevent you from losing fat. Plus your skin will start improving by radiating that glow that we like having :-)
Yes, I believe in extra supplementation. I am only showing you a few of the things i take a long with my clean eating diet. People ask me why i have nice skin. Well, it's a combo of making sure that was goes inside this body is organic & pure. I try at least. Plus, i drink plenty of water, plus exercising not only detoxifies your body, but since you're eating healthy, when you sweat from working out, your body's heat brings that nutrition to your skin via blood circulation. So that's why sometimes your skin gets when you're working out, because the blood is pumping fast to cool you down, & at the same time circulating all that healthy eating you've been practicing all through out your skin. Plus, after a shower, I don't use lotion for my skin, I use olive oil (on my face, hands & all over my body as a moisturuzer).
There was a time where i stopped eating healthy for a bit when i started grad school, & let me tell you, i'm working my ass off now to pay those consequences (i gained ten pounds, my skin was looking tired). We're all prone to any type of illness, whether you don't see any symptoms now, if we don't take care of our internal system (which includes not exercising nor just eating healthy. You'll definitely notice the carelessness on your skin). 
A combo of exercising & eating healthy is the only way to get rid of the yuckies that make us sick, lower our immune system & make us obese or put us at a weight we're not happy with.
I take these supplements because they've proven to help me climax on my dancing (whether it's lyrical, flamenco, etc) & it has also helped me with my workouts to get the best results. 
If i am not ingesting some of this in caps with my foods, then i'm mixing it with my drinks, green drinks, smoothies, foods, etc.... 

4) food -
Throughout the day, i snacked & ate every two hours from my salad (kale, brocolli, quinoa, green olives, tomato, yellow bell peppers, xtra virg olive oil one tbsp, squeezed lemon, a sprinkle of thay sweet pink himalayan salt), carrots, water, avocado sandwich on rice rye bread, black beans, a tarty shredded beet salad (grated beets, small slices of tomato, red onions, apple cider vinegar, squeezed lemon, sea salt).
5) My workout (in between my snacks/meals): the other day i did short spurts of flamenco dance drills (aside from teaching mindbody/fitness group classes, because training others one on one doesn't count), i took a nice one hour jog on the beach bare foot (a great leg strengthener, calf  ankle & foot strengthener, it was a nice lil cardio workout).
Afterwards, I chilled, read my books, napped, stretched like my cat does, drank water and stayed here til the sun set
Time for a green tea and enjoy this sunset :-)
Got home, & on the nutri-bullet, i made my final green grink of the day. And it contains all organic:
Mint Leaves
Nail size of chile serrano
1/2 Lemon with the peel
Spirulina & Wheat Grass Powder
Grounded Flax Seed
Chia Seeds
Alkaline Water
Almond Milk
Pilates, baby!!! I love it :-)
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