Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#34 A Healthy Lifestyle Is A Goal In Itself

Welcome to the Cleanse & Fitness home remedy detox program #34 :-)

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Always drink plenty of water (if you can't drink a gallon a day, then stay hydrated to avoid being thirsty)

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My day begins:
1) my liver detox (ph balancer) on an empty stomach first thing when i wake up: in a cup, put 1 tsp of baking soda, 1 tsp of organic molasses, one lemon, 4 sprinkle dashes of powdered cayenne pepper, a few sprinkles of ginger powder, 1 cup of filtered water (or alkaline water). Can't say the taste was the best, but please google the benefits of all the ingredients i'm mixing together, ok? 
2) on an empty stomach also, i took a low impact fast walking for 45 minutes. Since i haven't eaten breakfast, my walk is low impact (but fast walk) because i haven't consumed the nutrious breakfast i usually do.
When you do high impact workouts, you always have to eat something as fuel at least 30 min to an hour before your intense workout, so as to use as an energy source only, so that when your body gets to that anearobic state, it starts feeding off the energy source fuel you consumed earlier as a way to give you the power to either withstand any fatigue stage or so that you're not running on low energy.
It takes the body 20 minutes, after an intense workout to start looking for energy fuel. If you don't eat the fuel before your intense workout, your body will start looking for that fuel within your muscles eating up the valuable amino acids you need to keep within your muscles so that you can keep going non-stop while at your intense workout level.
Now, since my 45 minute fast walk, on an empty stomach is at a low intensity, after 20 minutes of fast walking at a low intensity, my body starts to need fuel to keep walking. So 20 minutes after walking, the body starts to burn fat, so it starts feeding off your fat as fuel to keep going. Go away fat, go away.
But since i'm just walking, & it's not intense, my body won't start munching on my muscles for fuel, it'll start munching on the fat (yes, i have fat :-).
I'm not contracting my muscles so intense that my body is screaming for aggressive energy. 
I'm simply taking a brief 45 minute fast walk, early in the morning as i wake up, on an empty stomach, very low impact, so that my body uses the fat i want to get rid of as fuel :-). It works everytime. Don't forget to have your liver detoxifying drink, as shown above, to start boosting up your metabolism.
Then i'll have me huge breakfast :-). Stay tune for that picture......... Come back to see what i ate.....

I'm back:
Here is part of it. A cup of organic gluten-free oatmeal with prepared protein milk (organic coconut milk with a scoop of vanilla protein powder a mixed in there).
I will pour the protein milk into the cup of oatmeal, then cut pieces of this organic green apple into the oatmeal. 
Yes, i like my oatmeal like cold cereal. It's yummy that way. 
I actually first got to the pilates studios where i train clients earlier to take my walk before i train my first client (IN & UP PILATES YOGA & PILATES STUDIO), i took my walk, then in my car i had part of my breakfast in my car waiting. Which is this picture.
I also had made sum scrambled egg whites (3 eggs) with tomato, cilantro, & onions which i ate before my oatmeal here with green apple. 
Breakfast should be your number one important meal to concretely have so that you don't feel tired through out the day. Remember, you are what you ate the day before, the week before, six months before, and a year before.
Also, know that you've been sleeping all night on an empty stomach, so your body needs that breakfast to make up for the energy you lost during your sleep. Yes, you burn energy when you sleep, so you need to replenish what you lost during your sleep.
Treat your body right :-)
Aside from the oatmeal, part of my breakfast was 3 egg whites mixed with tomato, cilantro & onion. Then on top, i added some of yesterday's pico de gallo with pieces of avocado (pico de gallo: cut up tomato pieces, minced garlic & green onion, cilantro, 1/4th minced chile serrano, cured in lemon & sea salt).
These eggs were so yummy. 
Now, i'm gonna go to the other studio, workout a little, then this time instead of teaching a one-on-one session, i will teach a mindbody Pilates class at HEARTBEAT HOUSE FITNESS & DANCE STUDIO, where I teach mat pilates & which I also use as one of my workouts (that's why i dont mind teaching fitness & mindbody group classes, because then i get to workout :-)

3) my workout for the day was i did a little bit of resistance & length on the apparatus before my client got there which was after i took my 45 mintute walk & ate my breakfast at In&UpPilates which is one of the studios i train clients at (Silverlake/Echo-Park area).
Then i taught an intense power mat pilates group class in which i got to take advantage of utilizing also as my own workout at Heartbeat House Studio (Atwater Area)
Join my mindbody group classes at Heartbeat House Fitness & Dance Studio, as well as you can try my one-on-one private pilates sessions at In&UpPilates in the Silverlake/Echo-Park area; i am offering an intro package of 8 private one-on-one sessions for only $445.00 (you save $235 bucks off the regular rate). You can go to to check that out or email me,, for any questions you have regarding one-on-one/semi-private Pilates & Personal training sessions. 

4) Gotta have my green drink (a snack may i say). Using the nutri-bullet, this green drink contains all organic:
Green apple
Swiss chard
Chia seeds
Grounded Flax seeds
Freeze dried wheat grass powder
Spirulina powder
One scoop of vanilla protein powder 
Filtered water
Almond milk
(I actually had two of these. The second one without the protein powder)

5) Lunch:
Homemade black bean burritos with rice tortillas (rice tortillas from Sprouts health food store). 
Plus, I made my favorite tomato sauce which i also use on my rice pasta spaghetti as spaghetti sauce.
Click here to find out why black beans are good for you:
This is how i made the sauce:
In the nutri-bullet using the two blades, i put all organic fresh: one roma tomato, green onions, 3 garlic cloves, tbsp of xtra virg olive oil, sea-salt & yum yum. 
When you make your whole black bean burrito/s, you can add this sauce over the beans, wrap it up then eat eat eat. So good.
I like that spicy garlic pinch, but if you don't then just add one garlic clove.

6) Dinner: i will have a huge salad. I won't put a picture because i know you can get creative. But if you can't seem to get creative, then just refer to my previous blogg posts which have recipes :-)

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