Monday, June 27, 2016

Food, Workout, Ideas, Cravings, Chocolate, & the Silly things i do to keep it going!

Just checking out what i'm missing. Not too happy with the outcome.  Need to bring down the fat percentage just a bit more. 
Aside from doing some Flamenco Dance cardio on fasted state (which can be seen on my facebook page or profile page: or gonna start going out to dance.  Yup! You heard it. Aside from teaching 1on1 personal training session in strength training & pilates, i teach HIIT classes, TRX, and; Dance Cardio.  Yet, i've been bad (meal cheating a little), so i need to tigthen up the food & add some nights where i get dolled up to go ouy dancing with the girls (otherwise, like i've done before, i'll go dancing alone for the sake of just sweating). I enjoy old school top 40 live bands that play earth wind & fire, chicago & or sum old solid gold era music style genre. I'm in my 40's, so i don't care if what i dance to ain't today's top 40. It was sure back then 😉

Don't forget to go to my snapchat, twitter or perisope, all under 'flamencamex'. 
ðŸ—Ģi got sum good stuff in there ðŸ“Ē
One thing i do to beat the cravings, especially on these hot days is eat sum bcaa popsicles. It works. So yummy & good foe you. Yet, my weakness is chocolate. You heard it. So to beat the cravings, i add a tbsp of pure organic, bitter, plain cacao powder or nibs. Chocolate has been known (real cacao straight from the cocoa bean, unprocessed) to have beneficial post-recovery benefits as it reduces swelling, has anti-oxidants, & rich in amino acids. So that's i mix it with my protein powder, which has no flavor (the only sweeteners are the banana i add to it & just a little bit of the sugavida, which is a low-glycemic natural sweetener to ease the bitterness only by a little bit. Because after all, i love dark, bitter chocolate. The bitter, the better. 
And go to my snapchat to see the protein powder i take. Go check it out now before snapchat says goodbye to it. 

(In this picture, is a still shot of my personal rehearsal. For me, to bust out a sweat. And boy, was i sweating buckets. I miss Spain). Again, you can see that video of my flamenco sweat 😂 either on my facebook page or profile:

I swear, it brought the steps on my fitbit by a lot. At the enf ig my personal practice, what i call my flamenco cardio, i was already at 2,473 steps. It was intense. The sweat was well worth it. 


Also, I have a lot of workout videos you'll want to check out to help you just a bit to reach our physical goals like these:

Glutes & Adductors

And this one for Upper Back (simple, but with resistance & good nutrition, you'll feel and see the difference as you progress)

Check out more of these videos by simply typing on the youtube search window "".  You'll then be able to see more videos I have been posting of workouts. Mainly I post them for the clients I train, as I used to have my channel private, but since some of my clients have asked if they could show them to their families and friends, i decided to make my channel's public. 

Also, so you know, I've been training clients 1on1 and or have been giving them shared privates in this manner. It sure saves them time, & it truly works!  Check out!

See you next time ;-)