Monday, December 31, 2012

Mind, Body, Fitness

Hello friends,

The New Year, 2013, is almost here. Wow! It came fast, right?
Anyhow, we usually think to ourselves, "what new year's resolution can set for myself & stick with it?"
This passed year has been a lil iffy trying to deal with school, then realized the ignorance of certain professors & the kindness of others. In my grad program, we are given choices of classes/courses to fulfill as prerequisites, i.e. if this quarter I can't take/fulfill this certain class/course then next quarter I may be able to take another class/course.
This quarter, I registered with this certain professor who is the only one teaching a course I need to graduate, I repeat, for this quarter only, but I can take another course that can fill that same requirement for the upcoming quarters. I've had this professor in another class/course previously & unfortunately she was very ignorant to the point where I didn't feel comfortable. So I think to myself, "why am I going to put myself thru that again?"
So my New Year's resolution is to not deal with dickheads anymore. I already get paid to deal with them, vaguely now, in my career, & I mean vaguely. So no need to deal with any dickhead professor if it's not necessary. No Dealing with dickheads this year :-).
So this year, I am going to drop her class for winter quarter & start the year with positive energy through focusing on my health physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.
I'm already focused on it, so I guess what I'm saying is that I am going to continue it & not deal with ignorant professors/people (for free at least), I'm gonna get fit, focus on my health on all aspects, continue teaching fitness - movement & voice for actors - flamenco - & simply stay on the positive path. We always have stumbles here & there, but if I can prevent myself from dealing with a dickhead for 9 weeks (a quarter), then great. My New Year's Resolution will be in action.
New Year's resolution:
Avoiding negative people like that professor if I can help it.
Continue teaching fitness which I will use as a continuance in getting fit.
Stay positive.
Eat healthier than ever.
Continue learning to sing new Flamenco songs as well as continue teaching flamenco dance.
And pass my national certification Personal Trainer test (one I have to update every two years).
Voila.... Case closed.
What's your New Year's resolution for 2013?

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