Friday, September 14, 2012

Never misses :-), but i luv it..

A lot of people ask me, "Rocio, you do so many things. When are you going to settle down?"
For the average person, my lifestyle seems a bit chaotic or all over the place, it seems. But in order for me to do the things i do in this life-time, i have no choice but to have it together, otherwise it won't work. And as for settling down, well it depends what you mean when you say settling down.
Do you mean just doing one thing or getting married & settling down.
Not sure what was meant, but just in case, i have 2answers: if you meant settling down doing one thing, as long as i can handle it & am not affecting the livelihoods of anyone, i will continue to live as i desire because i love what i do. If you meant settling down with family? Well, i guess if the time ever comes, i'll just have to see what can be compromised right there & then as long as everyone is happy. but in the meantime, since i am living on my own terms because it's not affecting anybody's livelihood but my own, i'll continue doing my so many things :-). And if my lifestyle is affecting someone else who i don't have any ties to, then that person must be really bored with their life & has nothing better to do than to worry about someone else's life but his/her own.
Anyhow, while in Vegas, i was able to kill two birds with 1 stone. Was able to stay on the cirque list, so i actually passed the physical test. I cant believe it 'cause some of the stuff i did i hadnt done in a while. Meanwhile at the same time, a cirque colleague & i were renewing our pilates certification. Done! Before leaving Vegas a cirque colleague & i were hanging up & down on the poles trapeze & aerial style & our trainer took a pictures with us like that. That was fun & can't wait to see that picture. Ha! I must be out of my mind, but i wouldn't have it any other way. Anyhow, Cant wait to get home to my kitty. She must think i abandoned her.
Keep smiling :-)

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