Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm in Vegas strong..

I'm Vegas, not for a good time, but to take a physical test with my ole job to stay on the emergency list. Anyhow, they said I did great in most of the tests like the jumps, the balancing with eyes closed, closed tight grip, & other power moving exercises. The dancing, pilates, & other things i've done has helped me, but the most that has helped me was training with someone named Adrian Pietrariu. He's an excellent trainer and has helped me from getting strong to maintaining strength in this body. Most of the injuries I have have been acquired through out the years, but I have been training with from twice to now once a week, because the rest of the days I take his bootcamp class which is a butt kicker. This class isn't only for athletes of dance or of any sports, this class is for anyone interested in improving any physical part of themselves. You all should give it a try. It's fun, it's work, & you get to meet great people. The place is called West Coast Boot Camp in La CaƱada California. I feel much stronger & happy that I was able to pass most of my physical tests for this crazy circus.

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